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  • Mitre 10 Mega support Neurosurgery campaign

    A house is to be built and auctioned to raise funds for the neurosurgery campaign.

    Certified Builders Otago is providing labour to construct the three-bedroom timber-framed house in the Mitre 10 Mega car park in Andersons Bay Rd.

    Mitre 10 Mega marketing manager Alison Beck said the house would be built over four weeks, starting early next month. Construction would take place at weekends and contractors would fit out the house on weekdays.

    The house, which would be transported from the site, would be a perfect first home, crib, or farm accommodation, she said.

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  • Fundraising role came unexpectedly

    The 82-year-old spearheading the neurosurgery fundraising effort was bemused when he was asked to take the role.

    Dr Brian McMahon, chairman of the fundraising committee, "immediately suspected" he was "in trouble" last year when asked to meet the then University of Otago vice-chancellor Prof Sir David Skegg, who insisted on coming to Dr McMahon's Maori Hill home, rather than meeting him at the university.

    "He was very persuasive."

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  • Rural Otago steps up with novel fundraisers for Neurosurgery

    Rural Otago waded in to the neurosurgery campaign with fundraisers starting in Balclutha and Wanaka this week.

    In Balclutha, young and old alike donned their gym shoes to run, row, or ride in the "Get A Head" fundraiser at the Cross Recreation Centre from 4pm to 8pm.

    The virtual triathlon saw participants tackle three minutes each of indoor rowing, stationary biking, and running for years 6 to 8 primary school pupils, and five minutes each of rowing, biking and running for secondary school pupils and adults.

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  • Oamaru Woman suggests gifting Leap Day pay

    An Oamaru woman is urging people to give a portion of the extra day they work for leap year to the neurosurgery fundraising campaign.

    Judy Stevenson said Wednesday, leap day, was a "bonus", as it only cropped up once every four years.

    The part-time learning tutor, caregiver and rest-home activity organiser, who has a degree in psychology, said the chair in neurosurgery offered exciting research possibilities for the University of Otago.

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  • SBS donating ipads to Chair in Neurosurgery unit

    As Southland Times readers open up their paper this morning to find branded appeal envelopes for the Chair of Neurosurgery campaign, one Southland business is announcing its involvement in the fundraising.

    SBS Bank Invercargill branch manager Neil Bramley said the SBS Bank's donation of three iPad 2s to the neurosurgery unit – valued at about $800 each – came from the bank's desire to do what it could to help in the campaign.

    "We just want to be involved," Mr Bramley said. "We want to do what we can to help the community – this is a simple way to do that."

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  • $3M Neurosurgery appeal launched

    A Public campaign to fund a world-class neruosurgery reearch and teachign centre in Dunedin is under way.

    Raising $3 million wil complete the task started in 2010 when the Southe rallied to retain neurosurgery.

    the campaign was launched in Dunedin last night. Funds raised will be used for the Neurological Foundation Chair of Neurosurgery, and New Zealand's first academic neurosurgyer unit, at the University of Otago

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  • UK surgeon excited about joining Dunedin team

    Otago University’s new Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery Reuben Johnson is excited by the opportunity of joining a team of talented researchers and helping to build up a centre of excellence in clinical neurosurgery, alongside a vibrant research centre.

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  • Battle continues: $3m needed

    We have won the fight to keep a neurosurgery service in the south – now we want to secure its future.

    So today The Southland Times and the Otago Daily Times are joining forces again to launch a fundraising campaign to set up an endowment fund for a chair in neurosurgery at the University of Otago.

    The Southland Times

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  • Otago Trust gives $300,000

    The Otago Community Trust has announced a $300,000 grant towards a Neurological Foundation Chair in Neurosurgery at the University of Otago.

    A public fundraising campaign launched on Friday aims to raise $3 million to employ a professor and set up a neurosurgery research unit at the university.

    The professor will also work as the third neurosurgeon at Dunedin Hospital.

    The campaign had already generated a groundswell of public support, project manager Irene Mosley said, and the community trust grant takes the fundraising total to $812,360.

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  • Walk funds for neurosurgery chair

    Proceeds from a "Brain Week Walk" on the Milford Track in March will contribute to the growing fund for the chair of neurosurgery in Dunedin, which also received a $300,000 boost this week.

    Fifty spaces for the Ultimate Hikes walk over the Milford Track will result in the $2000 price being matched by Ultimate Hikes as a donation to the $3 million campaign that kicked off on Friday night.

    The walk leaves Queenstown on March 21.

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