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Cadbury Couture and Zonta chocolate event for neurosurgery

July 2012



 Cadbury Couture fashion


What most people discard before eating chocolate, others turned into runway-worthy garments for Cadbury Couture in Dunedin last night.

More than 150 people attended the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival event, for which 17 designers created garments and costumes from chocolate wrappers. Among them was "Wahine o te Iwi", which Olivia Kelly, Cohen Rudd and Taylor Alcock spent a couple of weeks making. Taylor said Cadbury supplied them with a bag of foil, which they turned into the three-piece outfit inspired by their ancestors. Getting it to the catwalk had been fun but stressful because the fabric was prone to tearing. Nicola Cairns said she spent "30 hours or so" with Jane Metcalfe, creating "Foiled by Snow" - which was named third-place getter - from wire, plastic trellis, bubble wrap and Cadbury foil.

Proceeds of around $3000 from the sold-out show,  - organised by Zonta Club of Dunedin - went to the Chair of Neurosurgery Campaign.

The winner was Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers, with the creation "Chocwork Orange", and second was "Old Gold", by Bronwyn Simes.


Photos by Peter McIntosh; prints available from