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Cull takes to Bike to raise awareness

February 2012

Dunedin's mayoral car park has undergone a subtle refurbishment this week.

Instead of accommodating Mayor Dave Cull's car, it now sports a well-used bike stand.

Mr Cull said the change was made to support Bike Wise Month 2012, and he would be cycling to work until the end of February.

He hoped the bike stand would draw attention to the Neurological Foundation's campaign to raise funds for a Chair of Neurosurgery at the University of Otago, and he was encouraging friends and colleagues to sign up as sponsored riders.

"There's incontrovertible evidence that cyclists, through no fault of their own, are the most vulnerable of road users.

"While biking, I am often reminded that every year, cyclists will suffer life-threatening injuries as a result of accidents on our roads, and their fate then depends on the skills of dedicated medical professionals."

Bike Wise Month runs until the end of February, and is a celebration of the benefits derived from cycling as a sport, and a form of recreation and transport.

"I choose to bike because it provides healthy exercise which at the same time is helping to protect our environment, and the theory of critical mass says that the more people biking, the safer they are as a group," Mr Cull said.

He called on all road users to be especially vigilant during February.

"I urge all road users to share the road; all cyclists to ride having regard to the rules and the road conditions; and motorists to respect those who choose to exercise while travelling about the city ... "


Members of the public can support the Chair in Neurosurgery Campaign by sponsoring the DCC team  during Bikewise Month. To make a donation towards  go to: All donations to this promotion go to the Neurological Foundation's Chair in Neurosurgery project