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  • Cathy's Story

    From my child's battle to my own

    “My experience with brain injury started 25 years ago, when I had a family member sustain a severe brain injury as a five-year-old child. One of my children was hit by a car – it was touch and go for a few days, they were in intensive care for about 10 days, a coma for three weeks, in hospital for two months, with ongoing therapy for 12 months after that.
    “My child had to learn everything again as from birth – they had to learn how to hold their head up, how to roll over – it was just like watching a baby develop, though at a much faster rate.

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  • Irene's Story

    There are no bandages or tell-tale signs

    “I first became a supporter of the Neurological Foundation in 1996  when my father was struck down by a stroke after a silent heart attack. My father was a fit, healthy, strong, articulate 64-year-old, who was a leader in the New Zealand meat industry and often laughed that his doctor said he had a heart like a horse. Until this happened, I thought that a stroke was an elderly ladies’ illness and did not realise that they could strike at any age or stage of one’s life.

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  • Pip's Story

    I'm just so glad to be here

    “I had headaches building up to it, but that wasn’t unusual for me, because I suffered major migraines as a teenager and right through my 20s, so I never took much notice, just kept taking the old nurofen and panadol so I could function. I just tried to deal with them as best as I could. I still worked right up – I think I had one day off a week earlier and that was it.

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  • Pat's Story

    There was no warning

    “It was October 2010. I hadn’t had any headaches or anything leading up to it. We had been out for dinner and Tony, my husband [pictured with Pat], was sitting on the couch. I said to him I was going to bed. I must have been in bed, and got up to go to the toilet and all I can remember is sitting on the toilet and then I swivelled around off it and I was down on my hands and knees on the floor. I couldn’t get up. I was still talking though.

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  • Judy's Story

    I am so grateful - a second chance at life

    It was a normal day to start with, Friday the 13th!!  Sitting at my dining table having a morning coffee with my partner, all of a sudden I got a pain in the back of my head and I didn’t feel too well at all.  I said to Andrew, “I don’t feel too good” and he replied – but you don’t get sick.  He was right; I have lead a healthy life, a very busy on the go person with heaps of energy.  I stood up to get a glass of water and Andrew noticed my mouth was twisted and I was dribbling from the corner  and he could not understand my speech  and then I could not walk to the kitchen bench,

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  • Ted and Heather's Story

    Team work gets us through

    An undiagnosed brain tumour turned the world of Ted and Heather Turner, formerly of Palmerston, now living in Dunedin upside down.

    However, after an eight-year journey of rehabilitation, the couple's fierce determination, indefatigable spirit, and love for one another has remained strong and true.

    The Turners are staunch advocates and supporters of the Neurological Foundation's public campaign to fundraise $3 million to establish a chair of neurosurgery in Dunedin, after experiencing first-hand the benefits of a Dunedin-based service.

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